Long Division, Math Flash Cards, & More!

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Recommended Website:
Mr. Martini’s Classroom

ClickSchooler MaryAnna recommended this site. She wrote:

“My dear son, ever on the lookout for webpages that he can use to avoid having to do his math for the day on paper :) found this one. Wow! He can
actually do the long division step by step, digit by digit, and check his work on the page directly! Scrolling the mouse over the check mark shows the
correct solution.”

This site really does offer interactive practice for not only long division, but long addition, subtraction and multiplication as well. You get to set the number of digits you want to use, and then simply type in the solutions in each step of the equation — along with the final answer, as each new problem is generated.

While the interactive, long equation pages are a neat feature of this site,
you’ll discover that the focus (on the main page) is on interactive math
flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Click on
any one to begin, set the specifications you want to use, and random cards
will be generated. Simply type in the answer. If your answer is correct, the
flash card will change color. If it doesn’t change color then simply click
on BACKSPACE to erase the answer and try again.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, it is EXTREMELY HELPFUL to read the “How To Use This Page”
directions that you will find near the bottom of the menu on the left side
of your screen.

You will also find an addition table, times table, quizzes, and interactive
practice pages for fractions, decimals, percentages, exponents, radicals,
square roots, negative numbers and more.

Bookmark this page for easy access to it as a fun online learning resource
for elementary math.


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