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Recommended Website:
Meet Me At The Corner

This website offers educational videos about different locations and topics
that are created for kids by kids. The announcement that I received from the
founder, Donna Guthrie, contained this message:

“Join homeschoolers as they travel to the top of the Empire State Building
and stroll around Central Park. Listen as they interview interesting people
and ask questions about what you want to know.”

When I visited the site, I didn’t see any mention of homeschoolers, but the
videos archived at the site were created and submitted by kids (who could be
homeschoolers). Most of the children appear as reporters in their videos
who interview people about various subjects including:

  • How To Become A Collector
  • An Interview with An Illustrator of Children’s Books
  • The Game of Chess
  • How To Become A Puppeteer
  • Bird Watching
  • Baseball

There is even a video that explains how kids can make their own videos and
submit them to “Meet Me At The Corner” to be featured on the website.

When you get to the site just click on “Episodes” on the menu to access the
10 videos that are currently available on the site. Click on any title, and
a new page opens where you can watch the video pod cast. Each page also
offers suggestions for further activities or resources to enhance learning
about that topic.

The purpose of this website is to encourage children to learn the art of
self-expression and storytelling through creating videos that feature their
special corner of the world.
The website founder wrote:

“In the beginning, the video pod casts will focus
on the people, events and history of New York City. Each program will
highlight the talent, diversity and accomplishments of the people of New
York through explorations of New York City block by block. As the site grows
through children’s submissions, we hope to highlight the people and events
of other towns, cities and nations.”

Perhaps your children will be inspired to help them achieve their goal. :)


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