Free History Lessons from Library of Congress

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Recommended Website:
Adventure of the American Mind: Online Education Program

Age Range: Maybe 8-17 (In the FAQs at this site, the answer to “what grade level” are these lessons intended, gets this answer: “Lessons vary in their complexity and difficulty. While we will provide guidance for you as to the difficulty of our lessons, we urge you to browse through our catalog to find lessons that fit well with your students.”)

This website from Western Carolina University provides state-of-the-art, multi-media technology to help educators engage students with FREE history lessons covering a diverse range of topics such as:

  • Tobacco
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Culture of Old Salem
  • Elections
  • Music of the Civil War
  • Lewis and Clark
  • Pioneer Women
  • Presidents of Mount Rushmore
  • Thomas Edison
  • Trail of Tears
  • Wright Brothers
  • and much more!

Every topic includes lesson plans, lessons, tutorials, quizzes, tracking ability, activities and extension ideas. Be sure to turn on your speakers
when you visit the site to get the full impact of this multi-media educational extravaganza. While it was designed with classroom teachers in mind, it’s a treasure trove for those who enjoy hands-on, interactive,
online educational explorations.

When you get to the site, simply read the welcome message and the information on “Getting Started.” It is extremely helpful in understanding how to navigate the site for the more effective and easy use.

Bookmark this site – you’ll want to return often.


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