Virtual Kids Farm!

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Recommended Website:

Kids Farm

Call the kids over to the computer and enjoy a virtual trip to a farm
where you will not only see photographs of many farm animals and wild
animals — but you will be able to hear the sounds they make as well!

Learn about what grows on the farm (from cherries to hay) and find
out all about the various equipment that is used on a farm. Meet the
ranch hands at Red Bluff Ranch in Colorado, the sponsor of this

When you get to the site click on the red letters “click here to get
started.” That will take you to a screen that asks “Where do you want
to go?” You have a choice of viewing the farm animals, wild animals,
farm equipment, etc. If you click on the “farm animals” for example,
a new screen will appear with a menu of animals to choose from.
There, you can click on “Turkey” (for example) and a new screen
appears with information about turkeys presented through text,
photos, and sound (so turn on your speakers).

This site is easy to use, loads of fun, and designed with kids in

Note: If this site looks familiar it’s because ClickSchooling
featured it in 2002 and 2004. New information has been added, making
it well-worth another visit. :)


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