See How Duct Tape is Made!

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Recommended Website:
How Duct Tape Is Made

At this website you can watch an entertaining, 3 1/2 minute video
presentation of how duct tape is made. A versatile and utilitarian product,
duct tape is not only the handyman’s friend, but the tool of inventors and
artists alike. After you watch the video, learn more about this remarkable
product by visiting…

Duck Tape University

This site offers a humorous look at the true history of duct tape. When you
get to the site, simply read the text in the center of your screen and click
on the embedded links to learn more than you ever wanted to know about duct
tape. Explore the menu for more fun and fascinating facts and activities
about duct tape. In particular, don’t miss:

Duct Tape Coloring Book, Puzzles and Games

Duck-Tivities (Things You Can Make with Duct Tape aka Duck Tape)

Duck Tape Contests (Win Prizes for Your Duct Tape Creations!)

Have fun!


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