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Recommended Website:
Ting — Chinese English Center

Age Range: Varied (There are aspects of this site that will appeal to
Chinese language learners of all ages. Non-readers will need assistance, and
as always, parents should preview the site to determine suitability of

ClickSchooler MaryAnna recommended today’s website that offers an
interactive Chinese dictionary of words and phrases that is perfect for
those who want to learn Chinese or improve upon their current skills. She

“I found a totally cool website for people who want to learn Chinese. Type
in any word or phrase to search the database. If it’s in the online
dictionary, you will see how it’s written, how it’s pronounced, and you can
choose a native speaker (by name) and hear that person saying the word or
phrase or long sentence. It’s very clear, and fun. A neat feature of the
dictionary is that if you select a word, such as “Cat,” and then select
option 5 (longer passages), you will see *all* of the information and
language samples available for that word, from single-word translation to
short phrases to sentences to longer passages and beyond.

There are also stories in English and Chinese (bilingual) and other nice
features. For example, a fully interactive family tree. You can toggle
between names, ages & genders, and occupations, or familial relationships
between all family members and “me” — select your place in the family tree
and see how all the familial relationships change with respect to you.

You can also create a personal account on the site and create your own
flashcard preferences etc., so that you can personalize your web browsing
experience to maximize language learning across many repeat visits.”

When you get to the site you will see a menu on the left side of your
screen. Click to open the items that include:

  • Read Me — Complete instructions for using this site, including how to use
    the Chinese characters (letters).
  • Games — Reinforce Chinese language skills while playing concentration,
    doing math, and exploring maps.
  • Chinese Experience — See pictures and learn about Beijing, the Great Wall,
    Xian, and Shanghai. Explore Chinese art such as bronzes, calligraphy,
    painting, and Ming Dynasty artifacts.

This is a great way to introduce the Chinese language to your children,
and/or practice your Chinese language skills.


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