Greek Myth Videos for Kids!

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Recommended Website:
Winged Sandals

Age Range: 6-12 (Older children and adults will find the site engaging too)

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Melbourne University’s Centre
for Classics and Archaeology collaborated on this website that uses the
latest technology in digital storytelling to provide stories from Greek
mythology to inspire the imaginations of children around the world.

As mentioned in the “About” section of the website, “This project was set
up…with a view to avoiding the ‘Disneyfication’ or dumbing down of the
Classics, while at the same time interpreting the stories and characters of
these myths in a contemporary, entertaining and engaging way.”

The timeless stories on video are beautifully rendered animations of
mythical people and places. Learning mythology is reinforced with
interactive games. There are even off-line activity suggestions for artistic

When you get to the site, choose which version you want to view the site —
Flash or HTML. Then click on the interactive map or use the menu that

  • Storytime — Watch and listen to the animated videos of Greek myths that
    include, “Perseus and Medusa,” “Demeter and Persephone,” and more.
  • Play Games — These online games let you make your own pentatonic music or
    catch chicken feathers to make wings.
  • Make and Do — Get instructions for art projects you can do offline at home
    – make a Medusa mask, a Grecian vase, or your own Grecian robe.
  • Who’s Who — Use this searchable online guide to learn about the characters,
    heroes and gods of Greek mythology.
  • History — Use a list of history links to learn more about everyday life in
    Classic Greek times.
  • Ask the Oracle — Watch the story of Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi. Ask
    the Oracle about your future (intended for entertainment).

This site provides a remarkable blend of education and technology to make
learning fun!


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