Fire Science & Safety

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October is Fire Safety Month, and considering the wildfires currently in the
news, I thought these websites (that address a wide range of ages/grades)
might be helpful…

Recommended Websites:

Living With Fire

Age Range: 10 and up

Living with Fire is an AMAZING simulation game that puts you in the place of
a fire manager who uses research and tools to conduct fire management in old
growth and secondary growth forests. When you get to the website, simply
click on “PLAY Living with Fire” to begin the game. Meet your fire
management team, and learn about research, fire physics, and see
mathematical models of tree growth and fire spread in an animated forest, to
make fire management choices and view the consequences of those decisions.


Sparky, The Fire Dog

Age Range: 5 and up

At this website your host is “Sparky” an animated Dalmatian dog. This
colorful, multi-media site offers interactive games that teach kids about
fire trucks, fire safety, and home fire hazards. BEST OF ALL, are several
detailed plans for detecting home fire hazards and planning and practicing
home fire escape routes. Follow the step-by-step guide here to protect your

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