Catch the Spelling!

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Catch the Spelling

Note: This site was designed for ESL students, but can be used for grades Pre-K through 8 (approximately). Younger children and non-readers will need parental help.

This site offers a game called “Catch The Spelling” that can help kids
practice spelling and vocabulary skills. Players use the arrows on their computer keyboard to move “the catcher” to catch falling letters in the correct order to spell out a designated word. (You can also use the arrows to increase the speed at which the letters fall to make the game more challenging.)

Test your skills with the Dolch Words for preschool through Grade Three.
Practice spelling the days of the week, months of the year, numbers, colors,
and hundreds of words in all kinds of word categories such as food, time,
sports, verbs, animals, descriptive words, etc. You can even select the
difficulty level of the game you want to play.

When you get to the site you’ll see a menu of “Catch The Spelling” games.
Under each heading you’ll see a screen shot of the game and below it is a
description. Under that you’ll see a list of games – just click on any one
and a new screen opens and the game begins. There are “help” buttons on each
game that provide instruction on how to play.

I reviewed quite a few of the games, but there are many categories so I
didn’t see them all. Therefore, as always, parents should preview these
games to determine suitability of content.


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