Unique Writing Activities for Grades 6-12

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Recommended Website:


Age range: 11-18 (grades 6-12)

The WritingDen website offers online activities that help students in
grades 6-12 improve their writing skills by working on vocabulary,
sentence structure, and paragraph development. We featured this site in 2002, but new content makes it well-worth another visit.

When you get to the site you will see a “Featured Story” and a menu. Click the “About” button on the menu for a good description of
what the WritingDen offers.

Then, go back to the home page and click on the “Featured Story.” The
topic is wolves and you get to see how the story is developed from a
selection of vocabulary words, to simple sentence structures, and
finally to the development of paragraphs.

The Words and Sentences sections include Real Audio clips that
provide student instruction. The Paragraphs section includes a “note
set” that shows how the thoughts presented in the paragraph were
organized. The step-by-step process really helps students to see how
stories are constructed.

Then, take the quizzes to test your comprehension and understanding
of vocabulary, sentence structure, and paragraph development.

When you are through with the “Featured Story,” you will have a clear
idea of how material is presented at this site. If you like it, go
back to the home page and click on “Topics” to see the archived list
of stories on subjects that include: History, Nature, Canada, Science
and Lifestyle. Click on any story to go through the writing process
as you did with the “Featured Story.”

This site also contains “Tips-O-Matic” that provide grammar rules on
word, sentence, and paragraph usage.

Another great feature of the site is the “Word Of The Day” email
list. Sign up to join the list that will send you a new vocabulary
word to learn on a daily basis.


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