The Middle Ages

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Recommended Website:

Medieval Europe: The Middle Ages

Age Range: About 9 and up (younger children will need parental

ClickSchooling list member David Stebbins suggested this website. He wrote,
“I recently found an informative website on the Middle Ages. You click on
your choice of a guide and this character leads you through the various
aspects of their life in the Middle Ages. Throughout the document are links
to other sites with further information…the main character sketches were
informative and enjoyable to read.”

When you get to this site that is sponsored by Minnesota State University,
you will see a brief introduction. Click on “The Middle Ages” image to enter
the site. A new page opens where you select your guide to the Middle Ages
who educates you about various topics. Your guides include:

  • A Knight – Sir Knight will explain about government, the life of a noble,
    how to become a knight, and how people communicated.
  • A Merchant – Learn about trade routes, inventions and discoveries, life in
    towns, and how craftsmen banded together to form “merchant guilds.”
  • A Nun – Find out about the role of the church and religion, learn about The
    Crusades, investigate the lives of the clergy, and see what part literature
    played in this era.
  • A Peasant – Meet a farmer and learn what his roles and rights were in
    Medieval society. He’ll also explain daily life and tell you about health
    and medicine during these times of Leprosy and The Black Death.

You can explore a little history through the text and illustrations
provided, or look a little deeper by clicking on the links within the text
that lead to more information and resources about The Middle Ages.


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