The Best ClickSchooling Resource Ever? (CSAW)

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Recommended Website:

Age Range: 6-17 (Grade Range: 1-12)

ClickSchooling list member Mary Burns suggested this website that is one of the VERY BEST educational websites I’ve seen to date. It provides links to lessons and activities for every grade level 1-12, developed around a particular theme. Each theme integrates a variety of standardized subjects including science, math, history, geography, social studies, language arts, and much more. These themes are explored by clicking on pre-reviewed links to educational websites containing a multi-media extravaganza of learning tools.

This site, and all of the links, are meticulously maintained by University of Missouri-Columbia College of Education staff and graduate students from the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies.(Unbelievable as it seems, I clicked on numerous links here, and didn’t find one that wasn’t functional.)

The e-MINTS website is designed with classroom teachers and students in mind, but can easily be adapted to any learning environment.

When you get to the site you will see the title “e-Themes Resources Listed By Grade Level.” Below it are the grade levels 1-12. Click on the grade level that applies to your child, and you’ll see a menu of topics that include every subject.

Click on one of over 1,000 topics of interest, such as Animals, Anatomy, Ancient Civilizations, Authors, Holidays, Literature, Maps, Math, Performing Arts, Physics, Pioneer Life, Science, Solar System, Spanish American War, Sports, States, U.S. Government, Vikings, Virtual Field Trips, Weather, Westward Expansion, Writing and more. A new page
opens providing a description or overview of what you can learn from
following the suggested links provided on the page.

I wasn’t surprised to find that many websites that we’ve recommended in the past on ClickSchooling are utilized in the e-themed lessons and explorations here. :)

As the e-MINTS website explains, “this is an extensive database of content-rich, age-appropriate resources organized around specific themes.” I think it could stand alone as a computer and Internet based curriculum resource, in addition to being used as a supplementation tool for any subject or method of learning.

The resources here are also listed alphabetically for ease of use. There are teacher tips for getting the full benefit from using this resource too.

This website gets the ClickSchooling Award for Excellence!


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