Math Card Games

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Learning math and reinforcing math skills through card games is fun!

Age Range: Varies for ages 3-17+

Recommended Websites:

Children’s Discovery Museum: Arithmetic Rummy

At this site you can print out a FREE deck of cards and instructions
for a matching game for ages 3-4, a number memory game for ages 4-6,
and Arithmetic Rummy for ages 7 and up!

Mathematical Games: The Game of Set

At this website you’ll find the directions (accompanied by
illustrations) for how to play the game of SET. In addition, you’ll
find a FREE printable deck of SET cards.

In SET, each card in the deck has a picture that contains 4 features
including: color (red, green, or purple), number (one, two, or
three), shape (diamonds, ovals, or squiggles), and shading (solid,
outlined, or striped). All of the cards in the deck are different.
The idea is to find a SET — which consists of three cards in which
each attribute is either the same on all three cards or is different
on all three cards. The game can be quite challenging and is lots of
fun for the whole family.

If your children enjoy regular SET, they may enjoy playing the online
version of the game

The Homeschool Hutt: Math Card Games

Find FREE printable cards to play Math Rummy (addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division). There are card games for other subjects
here too!

Polliwog Place: Math Games with Cards

This website offers instructions for math games using regular playing
cards, including “War” card games for addition, subtraction, and

Have fun!


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