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Age Range: 11 and up (approximately) The site was designed for grades 8-12, although younger students may enjoy looking at the artwork.

This website offers an electronic field trip to explore some of the early paintings of Pablo Picasso whose artwork had a profound impact on 20th-century art. Discover Picasso’s early influences as an artist (circa 1862-1906) through an interactive painting and an online exhibit.

Parts of this website reference a 20-minute video that was produced by Verizon as a result of a museum exhibit devoted to the artist’s life between the ages of 11 and 25. I couldn’t find any information on where you can view the video or purchase it. However, most of the activities can be done without the video – simply by using this website and the links to other Picasso websites referenced here.

When you get to the site you will see a menu that includes:

  • For Educators — You’ll find suggestions for classroom activities that include math, social studies, language arts, and art.
  • An Interactive Look At “Lady With A Fan” — click on different parts of this portrait to learn the story behind the painting and gain insight to Picasso’s techniques.
  • Picasso’s Paintings — Explore 5 of Picasso’s paintings complete with curator commentary.
  • Picasso Timeline — Learn about the events in world history that took place during Picasso’s life as a boy and young man.

This website has a very simple design that serves as an introduction to Picasso’s art. Additional links and references can turn this into an in-depth study, for those who are so inclined. As always, parents should preview any sites that are recommended or linked to from this website — as I have not reviewed them. :)


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