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Recommended Website:

Home Science Tools

Age Range: 4-17

It’s the new 2007-2008 homeschool year! Today’s website was recommended by
list member Nancy Hogan. This is a bit of a diversion for ClickSchooling in
that the site is a commercial enterprise called “Home Science Tools” that
sells all kinds of science kits and curriculum that help students (in Pre-K
through high school) explore life science, space, biology, chemistry,
physics and more. HOWEVER, they also provide FREE hands-on science ideas
that you can try at home. The featured experiments on the site include these

  • Make a Cartesian Diver – all about scuba diving and buoyancy
  • Ink and Paper Activities – make your own ink and paper
  • Demonstrate Newton’s Laws — see physics principles in action

Each experiment comes with a materials list and instructions. It also offers
suggestions for science kits and products (available from the site’s store)
to further learning. This is clever marketing. Again, you don’t have to
buy a thing to explore the free resources. :)

Not only that, if you click on “newsletters” on the menu bar at the top of
the screen, you can sign up to receive their FREE monthly e-zines that

  • Young Science Explorers for Grades PreK-4 – Includes experiments and
    teaching tips to get young children excited about science.
  • Science Explorations for Grades 5-9 – Get step-by-step projects, articles
    about famous scientists and discoveries, and cool facts to make science come
    alive for the whole family.

Of course, the e-newsletters will include links to products for purchase
through Home Science Tools — but the content is free. The newsletters are
archived at the site, so you can check them out, before you sign up to
receive them. Here’s the direct link to the archive.


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