Constitution Day is September 17th!

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Constitution Day is September 17th!

Get a head start on the celebration with these websites…

Recommended Websites:

Age Range: 10 and up (middle school/high school)

Constitution Day

This site claims to be the “official” Constitution Day website. When you get to the site, it offers the history of how Louise Leigh founded Constitution Day in 1997. The rest of the site is not as informative as the treasure trove of educational materials you’ll find at the next website…

Bill of Rights Institute: Constitution Day

The Bill of Rights Institute offers educational materials to help young Americans appreciate constitutional principles that define the United States of America. When you get to the site you’ll see a link to the full text of the Bill of Rights and a downloadable free sample lesson about the Bill of Rights. Then, click on “Celebrate Constitution Day” and a new page opens. Click on the link for “teachers” and a new page opens with a variety of educational resources. Unfortunately, the very first link to activities in acrobat-adobe doesn’t work. Don’t despair.

To get to the goods, scroll down the page — past the tabloid section — to the “Online Module Section.” You’ll need flash to do these activities that include:

  • Take a trip back in time to the Constitution Convention.
  • Play an interactive consitution-themed crossword puzzle.
  • Match the quotes to the Founding Fathers who said them.

For those who don’t have Flash — never fear! Scroll down the page past the Online Module to find FREE downloadable Constitution Day lesson plans for Middle School and High School.

When you’re through exploring this section, click on “Instructional Materials” on the main menu to find all kinds free learning materials, including the Founding documents that includes the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and Other Amendments. Here is the direct link to the free founding documents.

Take a Virtual Constitution Tour of Philadelphia

Once you’ve read the U.S. Constitution, take a virtual tour of historical sites in the city of Philadelphia. It includes the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross house, and more!


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