User-Created History Timeline

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Recommended Website:

The Timeline Index

Age Range: about 10 and up (IMPORTANT: See note to parents below.)

List member, Christina Sonas, suggested this website. She wrote:

“I have been looking and looking for a good online timeline site and I think I stumbled across it. You can browse by who/what/when/where/which, and you can search. I think I’m in heaven. It’s got nice visuals, links to pages with more information, and so on. It looks to be a wiki (user-created) but it’s nicely filled out at this point.”

The Timeline Index is a portal that provides a user-created chronological context of the following categories:

  • PEOPLE, PERSONALITIES, & HEROES – You’ll find historical entries for Actors • Alchemists • Archaeologists • Artists • Astronauts • Composers • Conquerors • Dictators • Explorers • Inventors •
    Mathematicians • Musicians • Philosophers • Scientists • Settlers • US Presidents • Writers • Women, and much more!
  • SUBJECTS, EVENTS, & ISSUES – Explore the timelines for: Art • Culture • Education • Exploration • Health • Industry • Law • Nature • Politics • Religion • Sports • Disasters • Discoveries • Empires • Revolutions • Theories • War, and more.
  • PERIODS, AGES, & EPISODES – Examine these eras in chronological context: Bronze Age • Ice Age • Industrial Age • Iron Age • Middle Ages • Reformation • Renaissance • Stone Age, and more.
  • REGIONS, CONTINENTS, & COUNTRIES – Travel back in time to Africa • America • the Arctic • Asia • Europe • Middle East • Oceania, and the Universe.
  • OBJECTS, THINGS, & CREATIONS – See the context of a variety of topics through time such as Books • Film • Music • Paintings • Economics • Fiction • Myths • NonFiction • Poetry • Travel, and more.

Click on any timeline entry in any given topic area and a new page opens with further information that is user-created and includes some illustrations and urls to other websites where you can get more information.

You can also create your own timeline item and add it to the Timeline Index, or you can add a related link (URL) to an existing item. Details are available at the site and entries require registration.

NOTE TO PARENTS: While this is an exciting idea, it comes with an element of risk because it is user-created. There are a vast array of topics, so it was impossible to review all of the entries. While the website reserves the right to edit/remove items that are contributed to maintain quality, it’s unknown if editing occurs prior to posting. It’s also unclear if suggested links for further research are reviewed for suitable content. AS ALWAYS, parents should preview the site to determine suitability of content for their own children.


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