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Age Range: Designed for kids of all ages.

A big THANK YOU to ClickSchooling list member Kathy Coxon who recommended today’s website sponsored by the National Park Service. Here, kids can engage in science activities themed around our national parks, monuments and historic sites. Since there is no direct link to the science page, you’ll need a little patience to click through all of the windows to get to the
science activities as follows…

When you get to the site click “enter.” A new page opens inviting you to sign up to become a WebRanger. There’s plenty of time for that later. For now, ignore the invitation and just click “enter.” A new page opens with 3 choices – simply click on “Visitor.” A new page opens. Click “Visit” and you’ll finally reach the “Activities Page.” Hooray! :)

Click on “Science” on the menu and a new page opens with a selection of interactive games that include:

  • Map Match – Learn to read maps.
  • Rock Around The Park – Discover geological formations.
  • Dino Diets – Observing dinosaur anatomy, match the dinosaurs to what they like to eat.
  • Arctic Artifacts – Find out what ancient artifacts were used for by primitive people.
  • Exploring Tidepools – Search for and examine ocean life.
  • Finding Edison – Examine homeschooler Thomas Edison’s inventions.
  • Water Quality – Test the water to see if it’s clean.

With all of the activities you can select the difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard) that you want to try. You’ll be treated to fascinating facts and informative text accompanied by pictures and illustrations delivered in an engaging multi-media format that really explains the science behind the marvels you’ll see.

Now, if you want to become a virtual WebRanger, click on “Sign Up” on the menu. This process may take about 5 minutes or so. Register by providing information that includes your email address. Then, you will be prompted to fill out and print a WebRanger membership card and then begin a series of WebRanger activities. Once you successfully complete the tasks, a new page opens inviting you to set up your very own virtual ranger station in the wilderness, city, or at an historic site. There, you will find a variety of learning activities to do (and collect virtual merit badges for completion).¬†You can also interact with other WebRangers – sharing photos and stories of national parks.

If you have summer vacation plans that include a visit to our nation’s historic sites or parks — this website provides a great way to enhance learning before or after your trip.


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