Virtual Field Trip to an Estuary & FREE Poster!

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EPA: Visit An Estuary

Take a virtual field trip to an estuary! What’s an estuary? An estuary is
any body of water where freshwater from rivers and streams meets and flows
into the ocean saltwater. This creates a habitat that supports an amazing
array of plant and animal life.

When you get to the site, you can take a virtual tour of two different
estuaries — one on Long Island Sound and the other in New Orleans. Simply
click on the estuary and follow the arrows through a text and photo tour.

When you are through with the virtual tours, click on the menu button that
takes you back to the main page. There you can use the menu to learn more
about estuaries, take a quiz, and access games and activities to further

ClickSchooling list member Theresa recommended this site and pointed out
that, “You can order a FREE POSTER of estuaries, with artwork and
explanations. We just got ours today and it is beautiful.” Order your free poster here.


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