Virtual Field Trip to a Blueberry Harvest!

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Recommended Website: Photo Tour

Age Range: All (Some of the info targets elementary students, but people of all ages may enjoy these sites.)

Blueberries are in abundance at grocery stores and farmer’s markets at this time of year. Did you ever wonder how they grow and are harvested? At today’s website you can take a virtual photo tour of a blueberry field and find out! The small pictures are accompanied by text that explains what you are seeing.

For a better view, watch the machine harvest of wild blueberries on two video clips.

If these websites spark an interest in blueberries, check out the Wild Blueberry Producers of Nova Scotia’s “Wild Blueberry School Kit”.

You’ll find free blueberry-themed lessons and activities that cover history, geography, biology, health, production, pollination, harvest, processing,
marketing, recipes — and even some “Wild Ideas” for blueberry bakeoffs, trivia, snacks, crafts, murals, videos, songs, raps, stories, poems, cartoons and more!

Warning: Stock up on blueberries BEFORE you show these websites to the kids!


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