Soda Pop Science!

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Wondernet: Soda Pop Science

The most popular way to quench summertime thirsts is with Soda Pop.
If you happen to have soda pop in your fridge, your kids can conduct
some really fun chemistry experiments that you’ll find at this
website. They include:

  • Sour Power – Find out how the amount of citric acid in your soda
    affects the “pucker factor.”
  • How Sweet It Is – Which weighs more? Diet soda or regular soda? Do
    this experiment to find out.
  • Pasta With Pep – What does carbon dioxide in your soda have to do
    with using your noodle?

When you get to the site — just click on an experiment for the
complete list of materials you’ll need to conduct it, along with
instructions. Once you’ve recorded your findings, click on “What’s
going on here” at the bottom of the screen and get a clear, easy to
understand, scientific explanation — along with a link to an
illustrated virtual tour of how soda pop is made!

This is just the thing to keep the kids actively learning while
having loads of fun this summer!

When you’re through with Soda Pop Science — check out the rest of
the Wondernet science experiments by clicking on “View All Topics” in
the left-hand menu. Wondernet is a new addition to for
Kids (that we’ve featured previously on ClickSchooling).

Have fun!


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