Multiplication Tetris & More!

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Recommended Website:’s MathBlox

Note on Age Range: This particular activity on the site is recommended for ages 6-9, but other activities are available on this site for ages 4 through 12.

If your kids enjoy electronic puzzle games like Tetris, they’re sure
to get a kick out of playing MathBlox! The object of the game is to
complete math equations (in addition, subtraction, or
multiplication) by choosing pairs of numbers in blocks that fall
randomly into columns. You must complete 10 equations (such as 2 x 4
= 8) before one of the columns of blocks fills up and reaches the
top. You accumulate points for each math equation you complete —
and can earn extra points with wildcards, bonus points, and by
clearing entire columns. The game speeds up as you go, so you have
to really develop mental computation skills to beat the game and
move on to more challenging levels. You can play as many times as
you like – the game is different every time! (Note: Turn your
speakers on to hear the music and sound effects.)

When you’re through playing MathBlox, check out the selection of
other interactive math games and puzzles on the site.

We have featured previously. Since the last time, they
have added many new games in all subject areas including Language
Arts, Science, The Arts, and Social Studies. See the menu here.


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