History Mystery Game!

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Recommended Website:

Scholastic: History Mystery

Age Range: 9-13 (grades 4-8, but it’s a fun review for older students and
adults as well)

An anonymous ClickSchooling list member recommended today’s website that
offers a series of fun “History Mysteries” for students to solve. When you
get to the site you will see your animated guide, Dr. Carlotta Facts, a
professor at the fictional History Mystery Museum. Dr. Facts challenges
students to figure out the historic person, place, event, or object she is
studying based on 4-5 clues she provides. The idea is to solve the mystery
in as few clues as possible.

Students are encouraged to use the clues to conduct research on the World
Wide Web (or use offline resources like textbooks, maps, and reference
books) to solve the mystery. There is an online search mechanism built into
the game. Each “History Mystery” game is themed in United States or world
history and includes topics in these categories:

  • African-American History
  • Environmental History
  • Government and Politics
  • Inventions and Technology
  • Social & Cultural History
  • Women’s History
  • Exploration
  • World Civilizations

Within each topic category, there is a list of sub-topics. Click on any one
to play a game themed on that topic.

Once students think they have solved the mystery, they submit an answer. If
the answer is correct, they receive a designation as an investigator of
historical mysteries and an opportunity to learn more about the subject. If
the answer is incorrect, they can receive another clue, investigate further,
or submit another solution. They can also click on “see the answer” and read
all about the topic.

The History Mystery game is a fun way to challenge your knowledge of history
and a great way to introduce information on various historical periods,
civilizations, industry and technology, certain landforms and geography, and
elements of culture.


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