Geocaching – High Tech Treasure Hunt!

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Geocaching For Kids

A big thank you to ClickSchooling members Annette Hall and Tammy Bailey who recommended today’s website and topic – Geocaching!

Geocaching (pronounced “geo-cashing”) is a navigation game and treasure hunt for GPS users. What’s GPS? It’s a Global Positioning System or radio navigation device that allows people to determine their exact location (on land, sea, or air) anywhere in the world.

Players use their GPS device to participate in a “cache hunt.” What’s a cache? It’s a place where some kind of treasure (in this case, a small toy or trinket or collectible) is hidden. The cache is usually stored in a waterproof container along with a logbook.

Geocaching organizations set up caches in indoor and outdoor locations worldwide and then post the waypoints to the location on the Internet. Players input the location coordinates into their GPS receiver and follow the directions to find the cache. Because people are very creative when it comes to placing a cache, it can be more challenging then it sounds to find one. Geocaching is so popular that there are now hundreds of thousands of caches in countries worldwide.

The twist with this modern-day treasure hunt, is that when you find the cache, you don’t necessarily keep what you find. Sometimes you simply enter the fact that you found the treasure in the logbook stored in the cache. Sometimes you are instructed to replace the treasure you find with another treasure. Then, you place the treasure you found in another cache. Each time a player takes or places a treasure in a cache, they make a note of it in the logbook. That way, future visitors to the cache can see who else has been there before them.

Geocaching is a fun and educational family activity. At today’s website, you will find detailed information about one family’s experiences with geocaching. They provide all of the basic info, some leads to fun cache locations, and ideas for how to integrate the study of geography, nature, culture, and history into geocaching. Their website directs you to the most popular website on the topic of geocaching where you will find everything you need to know to get started on your own geocaching adventures. Here’s the url:

Geocaching – The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

By the way, “Home Education Magazine” ran an interesting by Lori
Diehl about her family’s geocaching experiences. You can read it here:

Geocaching – High-tech Treasure Hunting

Some of you may notice the similarity of geocaching to letterboxing.
Letterboxing doesn’t require the use of a GPS device. So for those of you who would like a more low-tech version of a modern day treasure hunt visit this letterboxing site that we featured in September of 2006 on ClickSchooling:


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