Celebrate Mars Day at Virtual Math Camp!

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Math Moves U: Mission To Mars

Age Range 10-13 (Designed for Middle School students, but will appeal to younger accelerated math students and high school students as well. Elementary school-age kids can enjoy the information with a little help from Mom, Dad, or an older sibling.)

Ratheon Company’s MathMovesU.com is a website dedicated to getting middle-school age kids excited about math. (We’ve featured this website in the past.) They just launched a new virtual summer camp (Camp MMU) to celebrate the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s annual “Mars Day” activities.

This year Mars Day will take place on July 20th. (To learn more about the event visit the Smithsonian website.)

For an out-of-this-world math experience, you can participate in the MathMovesU online summer camp where you can take a virtual “Mission to Mars.” According to the official announcement:


You can virtually blast off from Earth to experience space travel through the cockpit of your very own space craft. If you choose to accept this mission to the Red Planet, you will need to apply real-world math skills to navigate your spacecraft throughout the game, explore different Mars landmarks and collect out-of-this world prizes along the way. Once you reach
your final destination of Mars’ Olympus Mons, the largest mountain in the solar system, you will be entered to win.

Prizes include a trip to Washington D.C. for you and your family of four to celebrate Mars Day with a VIP tour of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, a Sony PS2®, an acre of land on the planet Mars, telescopes and more.


After you solve the Mars math problems, why not virtually explore the planet Mars? To do that, check out The National Air and Space Museum’s website.


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