Virtual Tour of the Vatican!

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Recommended Website:

The Vatican Basilicas in Fullscreen Virtual Reality
with Mina’s Gregorian Chants

Age Range: All!

Thanks to list member Christina Ellyson who led us to this website
consisting of sixteen 360-degree virtual reality panoramas of the Vatican’s
basilicas and surroundings, accompanied by Gregorian chants performed by
Mina Mazzini, Italy’s legendary Diva.

Visit the most important architectural structures in the world’s tiniest
country! Be sure to turn your speakers on, as this music enhances the
viewing experience! (You can stop the music by clicking on the sound icon
just below each panorama.)

Select scenes by clicking on the thumbnails, or browse by song selection. Be
sure to select the viewing option that works best with your browser, whether
Java (which requires no plug-in) or QTVR. :)

Under the word “MINA” which appears below the singer’s profile on the main
page, you can link to an article which gives some information about the
locations featured in these panoramas, and you can also visit the singer’s
main page for more information about her.

Slightly further down the main page, watch a brief documentary showing how
this tour was produced by clicking “View the Vatican Shoot Video” which
appears under the “Special Features” heading.


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