Space from a European Perspective

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Recommended Website:

European Space Agency Kids Page

This website is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch. Click the flags near the top of the screen to switch languages. (English is represented by the British flag.)

So you know a lot about astronauts, satellites, and space probes? On this European Space Agency (ESA) website for kids, you may be surprised to find very little mention of American spacecraft such as Endeavor, Galileo, Voyager, Pioneer, and Challenger.

In their place, meet CryoSat, Envisat, Rosetta, Columbus, GIOVE-A, Ariane-5 and more! And there is barely any mention of John Glenn, Sally Ride, or Neil Armstrong either; the heroes here include such greats as Vladimir Remek, Miroslav Hermaszewski, Anousheh Ansari, Ulf Merbold, Christer Fugelsang, and Thomas Reiter.

Move over, NASA — make room for the ESA! You will definitely learn something new and different at this website!

When you get to the site you will see some features. Use the menu at the top of your screen to explore topics such as “Our Universe” and “Life in Space.” As you click each main topic, you will see a related photo; parts of the photo can be clicked to learn all about the planets (Pluto has not been demoted here), galaxies, space stations, life in space and more.

From the main page you will also see a menu on the left of your screen with three items: “Lab,” “Fun,” and “News.” These sections contain interesting facts, sliding-panel puzzles, games, activities, things to build, animated cartoons, news items, and more. Each time you change topics, these sections may change, so be sure to keep checking them. :)

In the “News” section, don’t miss the word “More” at the bottom right-hand corner — this leads to the site archives with tons of fascinating articles and activities.

There is too much here to explore in one visit, and this site is kept updated. Bookmark it so you can come back often!


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