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Get Smarter

Age Range: 5-17 (K-12 grade range)

This animated, interactive website allows students in K-12 to engage in
self-assessment and learning activities in the fields of math and science,
and then compare performance with that of students from around the world
(with privacy and anonymity).

When you get to the site you will see a menu from which you can select
“Elementary,” “Middle School,” or “High School.” Click on your choice, and a
new page opens to an OPTIONAL data collection form. The only thing you have
to do is enter your grade level and subject to begin. (If you want, you can
make up the nickname you wish to appear in the “top ten” list should you
advance to that level.) You will want pop-ups enabled for this site.

Once you enter your grade level and subject, and select an activity, a new
page opens where you get to take a quiz. For the younger children, some of
the quizzes include nifty animations and sound effects. You can change your
answers as often as you like. Take the quiz again to improve your score (the
questions will be different, though.) In some of the quizzes there is
instant feedback along with an opportunity to change your answer during the
quiz. In others, you don’t find out how you did until you have completely
finished. You can then compare your performance with that of students in
other countries on each question and on the test as a whole. (“Based on
results from the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS).
Source: International Association for the Evaluation of Educational
Achievement (IEA).”)

Click “Home” at the bottom of most pages to go select another grade level or
switch to one of the science topics.

A word of advice: You’ll notice “Real Challenge” on the menu. You might
want to save this item for last. It’s timed. As with the other tests on this
site, you can take it more than once, to improve your score. :)

On the “Students’ Page” you will find a list of links to other helpful

And there’s more! This page partners with “GetTech,” which provides
information regarding careers that use math and science skills. The “Get
Tech Careers” section has information about quite a few science and
Information Technology careers, including the jobs themselves, salary,
education needed, and interviews with actual people currently working in
these fields. Try a quiz or two in math or science. Or, in the “Tech Games”
section, try Tic-Tac-Tech against the computer (answer a math question in
order to place your “X” on the board; you might want to turn off the sound).
There are other games in this section, but all are on other websites.
There’s a Teacher’s Guide in the section for teachers. And there are quite a
few helpful links in the Resources section as well.

Bookmark this one, you’ll need to return to fully explore what’s available
here. :)


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