Incredible Boeing Aircraft Virtual Tour and more!

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Boeing Multimedia – Videos/Virtual Tours

Age Range: All!

Fire up this page, turn on the speakers, gather the kids around, and be prepared to relinquish the mouse; this website, suggested by list member Christina Ellyson, is a real winner! (Thank you, Christina!) There is something here for everyone, from the youngest future passenger to the die-hard airplane enthusiast.

Note: Every photo says “Choose your bandwidth” at the bottom; just click the word “download” regardless of your bandwidth. Most of the downloads are quick; the few that are 10Mb or larger are well worth the wait.

Whether you need to prepare your little ones for a trip by air this summer, wish to re-live the memories of past vacations, or just want to show your children the inside of an airplane without actually paying for a ticket, the first tour on this page will be handy. The 767-400ER is a large passenger jet, and in addition to economy class you can peek into the business and first class sections. (Notice the sleepers!)

As with many interactive panoramas of this kind, you can click the little arrow at the bottom to make “hot spots” visible, and mouse over the hot spots to see a description of where you will go if you click them. Move your mouse around to see everything. In the other tours of this airplane, you can see other parts as well; take a look at the cockpit! Who do you suppose sits in all those seats? And take a look at all the controls and dials!

[If this has whet your appetite for control panels, here are a few more.]

Further down the page, you can watch some videos of airplanes taking off and landing. See various planes commercial, business, and military) in action from various viewpoints, and even witness the deployment of an air-to-air missile in slow motion! Watch a plane roll, take off vertically, and extend its landing gear.

Don’t miss the section on Business Jets. If you click on the first video (WBT, for Worldwide Business Tool), you will be treated to a view of the interior of the BBJ (Boeing Business Jet). Did you know that some of these airplanes contain private offices, open conference areas, and at least one huge bed? There doesn’t seem to be an online virtual tour of the US President’s airplane, but the BBJ should give you some idea of what the interior of a luxury plane can be! Remember, Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200B. You can see a photo of it here.

[For comparison, here’s the interior of the Hindenberg.]

Inquisitive students who are truly excited about airplane innovations will want to explore the rest of this site as well; there’s an image gallery, information about Boeing’s place in the history of flight, and even some information about weapons/defense developments.

But there’s more! Click on this direct link for an amazing virtual tour of a commercial passenger plane under production in 2007! Notice the menu across the bottom of the screen; that’s for navigation. Also, any time you see a little yellow circle on the screen, that’s a “hot spot;” mouse over it to hear and see an explanation of the image.
(If you missed any hot spots, just click on the word “Hot Spots” at the top left corner of the screen.) This new plane is scheduled to begin carrying passengers in 2008.


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