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Recommended Website:

School History

Age Range: 4-18

Today’s United Kingdom-based website offers a tremendous amount of FREE resources for learning (interspersed with occasional plugs to purchase software programs). The site can be navigated in several ways. Use the red, horizontal menu across the top to access lessons, games, and quizzes, or use the grade-range menu directly below it to sort the activities according to the student’s age. You can also click on any topic of interest that is featured on the landing page. Here is what you will find:

  • Links – Get over 1,000 links to history websites sorted first by the age-or grade-range they are suited for, and then divided into topic categories such as Aztecs, Magna Carta, Spanish Armada, Industrial Revolution, etc.
  • Lessons – These are illustrated lessons with short text, hyperlinked vocabulary/definitions, and captivating tone, yet the material is not at all frivolous. You can learn a lot here!
  • Resources – Free downloadable .pdf worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. This is a LARGE collection, well organized by age and topic, annotated, and well done. Many of these were created by teachers. Definitely worth a look!
  • Interactivities – Here are opportunities to show what you know. Fill in online diagrams, write an essay, or make a cool storyboard with your choice of several colorful backgrounds and characters to complement your text!
  • Games – The rest of this site is great, but it’s ok to admit that this game section is the REALLY fun part! :) Here you will find such games as Penalty Shootout, Make Your Teacher Walk the Plank, One- or Two-Player HoopShoot, Beat da’ Bomb, and more! All of these exciting and highly motivational games have been customized by teachers and students, so there is an amazing collection of history questions you can choose from in order to beat these games!
  • Quizzes – Here you can find a variety of quiz types – matching, multiple choice, flash cards, word searches, and more – and again, an extensive list of topics!
  • Teachers – You can create your own content or questions for most of the interactivities, lessons, quizzes, worksheets, presentations, and other items found on this site! You can also access a vast collection of teacher helps, hints, and much more! Or go see what bits of wisdom and experience you can glean from history teachers in the forum!
  • Students – There’s a forum here for you, too, but it’s a little harder to find. Look at the top left corner of the main page. You’ll see the word “Students” – that’s you! Browse through the four years’ worth of archived questions and answers in this moderated forum organized by age and subject. Learn about topics you never even knew existed, or use the “search” function to find the answer to that history question you’ve always wanted to ask. If you don’t find the answer, you can register and join the forum (with parent’s permission and proper internet safety precautions in mind, of course); real live teachers are there to help you find the answers you seek.

You will definitely want to bookmark this incredible page and return often!


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