Virtual Tour of Space

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Recommended Website:
Imaginova’s Virtual Space Tour

This website offers a multimedia tour of space. Beautiful photographs, text, narration, and music make this journey of our solar system a real treat for the whole family. There’s a lot of great information here, even if you already know a lot about the Solar System. You’re bound to enjoy it – and you might even learn something new!

(Note: The multimedia version of this tour includes Pluto as a planet. But Pluto is still out there, regardless of its current status, as unique and intriguing as ever. :)

When you get to the site click on one of two buttons:

  • “Let’s start the multimedia tour!” — This version has all of the bells and whistles. When it loads, click on the words “Virtual Space Tour,” then click on each section of the solar system, wait a minute or so for a download, and then sit back and enjoy the tour. The words “animated
    encyclopedia” to the left of the animation window provide an alternative
    link to this tour.
  • “Skip the tour, just show me text.” — This version is for those who just want the facts without all of the hoopla (or for those with computers that can’t accommodate the high-tech pace). Click on a topic and read the text about planets, asteroids, etc., and look at stunning photographs too!

When you are through with the tour, check out the rest of the site — it has fascinating articles and pictures of every aspect of space — including space flight, science, astronomy, and technology. The upper row of tabs lead off site, so, as always, parental discretion is advised.


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