International Children’s Digital Library!

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Recommended Website:
International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)
A Library for the World’s Children

Age Range: 3 to 13; nonreaders will need some assistance.

April 15-21 is National Library Week! We would like to extend a hearty THANK
YOU to ClickSchooling member Barb for pointing out this incredible
kid-friendly website!

Designed with the help of children from around the world, it is actually
easier for youngsters to navigate than for adults. If you get lost, just
pass your mouse over to the nearest child and watch how simple everything
suddenly becomes! The large, eye-catching picture of a book which appears on
almost every adult-oriented page of this site is easily located and
mouse-clicked even by children with very small fingers. Book selection is a
snap, and reading the books is easy too; it’s all a matter of clicking on
the pictures, large arrows, and magnifying glasses as needed, and clicking
the oversized “X” at the top right corner to go on to another book. But
don’t go away; the littlest ones will still need someone to read the stories
aloud to them! :) You can also scroll down to download the alternate comic
or spiral interfaces. Oh, and maximizing the window makes for easier

Parents and teachers will be interested to know that this site, which
originated from the University of Maryland, currently features 1,093 free
children’s books online, with more being added all the time. In addition to
a number of familiar classics and rare books, this site houses many fresh
new titles, written by authors all around the world in many different
languages, made available here with the goal of promoting international
understanding and tolerance. Thousands of adults and children from all over
the world have been accessing this site since its first appearance on the
web in 2002.

If you can coax your mouse back from your aforementioned child, you can
learn more about this site and how to navigate it the grown-up way by
“mousing around.” Start by going back to the home page (click the picture of
a house at the top left corner of the screen). One grown-up way to navigate
is to follow the menu across the top of the page. Here you can access all of
the following:

  • Read Books: Here is where you will probably want to spend most of your
    time, as you will be most likely to find just the right book to read. You
    can search by country, keywords, author and illustrator, or recently added
    books; you can select “advanced search” and search by color, age level,
    language, and more; or you can browse the award-winning books, featured
    books, White Ravens List, or the entire book list. What is the White Ravens
    List? Select that option and find out!
  • About Library: Learn about the ICDL, its history, its mission, its funding,
    and more! Here you can also find “fast facts” and “contact us.”
  • People: Get basic information about the Foundation’s directors, and learn
    about the children from around the world who were involved in the
    development of this site.
  • How to Contribute: Take a look. There might be something on the list that
    resonates with you, whether it be visiting the online shop, contacting local
    libraries, donating a book, or suggesting a title for possible future
    inclusion on the website.
  • Press Room: See how ICDL has been featured in news articles and press
    releases. Read their complete history. Or find out what they were up to on
    March 2 of last year. :)
  • Help: Read the FAQ’s to find out what sort of books are included here and
    why, or see “Library Help” to maximize your efficiency in navigating this
  • Sign In: This is an optional way to keep track of the titles of your
    favorite books, or go back to where you left off in that book you were
    reading last time, from any computer.

Enjoy! :)


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