Virtual Tour of VW’s Transparent Factory!

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Virtual Tour of VW’s Transparent Factory!

Just the idea that an automobile factory could be almost completely
transparent is in itself amazing. In this virtual tour, created by “Car and
Driver” as they actually toured this unique and spotless manufacturing
facility in Germany, you will see some great photos and brief descriptions
of the assembly process — including the robot assemblers! The tour itself
can be navigated by clicking on the numbers across the top or bottom menus
on the page — or click the links at the bottom right of the screen.

Be sure to point out to younger students this company’s high standard of
cleanliness for its manufacturing plant. (Perhaps they’ll be inspired to
take a closer look at their own rooms? :)

At the end of the tour, there is a brief question-and-answer page regarding
the Phaeton, which is the car produced at this factory. Afterwards, car
enthusiasts and prospective buyers will appreciate all of the information
about various vehicles that you can access from the menu in the left column
of this website.

Have fun!


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