Virtual Tour of Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend National Park

This Texas national park is huge, encompassing the entire Chisos mountain
range and a large portion of the Chihuahuan Desert. The goal of this website
is to bring you as close as possible to actually experiencing every inch of
this spectacular natural wonder. Hence it features the latest in interactive
panoramas: with many of the photos (if you use your mouse to scroll around)
you will see an unbroken sphere of scenery not only on all sides, but also
above and below.

To embark on this breathtaking virtual adventure, you can click on any one
of the numbered locations on the map (located on the homepage), sequentially
or at random — or you can select a location from the menu to the left of
the map. If you prefer to browse by geographic feature, you can use the four
drop-down menus directly above the map. Whatever method you choose to
navigate the site, you will come away with an increased appreciation for
this national treasure.

Don’t miss the newly-added virtual tour of an ancient native dwelling as
high tech photography meets prehistoric petroglyph. The waterfall near the
bottom of the map also leads to a real treat for the eyes!

This site also features information about actually visiting Big Bend, if you
happen to be in the neighborhood; or you can order souvenirs of your virtual
visit from the virtual gift shop! :) If you like, you can also download a
screensaver and have this scenery always close at hand by subscribing to
their email newsletter, Virtual Big Bend Updates.

Note: Some sections, such as the forum and “In Memoriam,” are directed to an
adult audience. As always, parents are encouraged to preview the site to
determine suitability prior to introducing it to your children.


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