The Artist’s Toolkit!

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Recommended Website:
The Artist’s Toolkit

Note on age range: Pre-readers may need some parental assistance.

“Explore the tools that artists use — like line, color, and balance — to
build works of art.”

This site, brought to you by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the
Walker Art Center, is navigated by the menu at the left. Here is what you
will find:

  • Explore the Toolkit! There’s a lot to learn and do here. Learn about line,
    color, space, shape, balance, and movement/rhythm. Click all the subtopics
    to watch the concepts come to life in animated demos, locate them in actual
    works of art through an interactive exercise (drag the arrows to the correct
    parts of the painting), and apply them in a creation of your own!
  • See Artists in Action! Hear two real-life artists talk about how they apply
    the concepts learned on this site to one of their actual pieces of art!
  • Encyclopedia – Here is a quick definition of each of the concepts explored
    earlier, followed by plenty of examples for in-depth analysis.

(Psst! Older students, teachers and parents: The little icon at the bottom
left-hand corner of the main page that says, “Arts Connected” leads to a
more in-depth website just for you, with additional artwork, a teacher’s
guide, and more!)

Enjoy! :)


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