Take A Virtual Field Trip to Seussville!

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Recommended Website:

This site was developed as a celebration of “The Cat In The Hat’s” 50th
birthday. When you get to the site, choose a high or low bandwidth setting
to enter. A new page opens with a menu that includes:

  • Playground — Find all kinds of click-and-play games and print-and-play
    activities based on Dr. Seuss’ books and characters.
  • Biography — Read all about the life, times, and interests of Dr. Seuss
    from his early career to his later years. What a legacy!
  • Catalog — A merchandise store of all things Seuss — including music,
    videos, CD ROMs, books and more. This section includes links to other sites
    that sell Seuss merchandise, and some of them offer a few free sample clips
    or games at their websites.
  • Events — To celebrate “The Cat’s” birthday, there are national reading and
    bookstore events all across America — beginning today! Click on the link
    in this section to find events near you.

Note: For those of you with high bandwidth, you can make and send a birthday
card to The Cat In The Hat — if you do, Random House Children’s Books will
donate a book to the “First Books” literacy program.

Bright Nights at Forest Park: Seuss Land at Night

Take a virtual tour of “Seuss Land” at night. Just click on the night-time
images of the fanciful creations of Dr. Seuss — all lit up in bright,
colorful lights. See the “Cat in the Hat,” the “Grinch” and some of the
residents of Horton’s “Who-ville.”

Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden

See some of the bronze sculptures of Dr. Seuss’ most beloved characters that
are on display in this museum’s sculpture garden. While you’re there, read
all about Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss).



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