Math Tables and More!

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Recommended Website:
Math2 (formerly Dave’s Math Tables)

Note: Although this site is designed for older students, parents may also find some of the tables handy to print out and use with beginning or elementary math students; many pages also have
links at the bottom which go to other websites for further exploration. This
site is especially helpful for reviewing or using what has already been learned. offers resources for learning math. It is a member of the Web Math
Collaboration (WMC). WMC is a federation of math websites with the goal of
providing “freely accessible open spaces for people to collaborate on and
discuss mathematical subjects, help those who have difficulties in
mathematics, and provide mathematical resources to the public.”

When you get to the website you’ll see it is very clearly organized and

  • Math Reference Tables (also available in Spanish!) — All of the most
    important tables and formulas you need to study math: basic arithmetic
    facts, trig identities, derivatives and integrals, and even Fourier
    transforms, all in one convenient place for you to use and review. The conic
    sections are simply but clearly illustrated, and the calculus even includes
  • The Math Message Board — Post your math questions in this forum and get
    answers on this very active board! (As with all forums, children will need
    adult permission and supervision. This forum appears to be moderated.)
    Browse through past questions and enjoy the lively give-and-take in this
    helpful math-loving community; try your hand at verifying the solutions to
    any that catch your interest.
  • Have A Math Question? — This section refers those with questions to either
    the Math Message Board (described above) or to the Ask Dr. Math website
    that we’ve featured previously on ClickSchooling.
  • WMC – You’ll find a discription of the Web Math Collaboration, and you can
    access a French-language math forum, by clicking on “Math en Ligne.”
  • Links — A list of links to other websites that offer everything from
    general math resources and lesson plans for grades K-16 to an extensive
    collection of mathematical theorems and formulas.
  • Other Onsite Resources — Learn more about this website and how it
    originated. You’ll also find an English-Spanish math dictionary here! Bonus: If you would like to see what else this webpage author has created,
    take at look at the information on Perl, Python, Linux, C++, Forth, and
    other similar topics by clicking on “Dave Manura’s Page” in this section.

This site can also be downloaded and viewed off line in two formats. (There
is a third experimental format in the works, but that one doesn’t seem to be
working yet.)


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