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Recommended Site:
IMF: Where in the World and What in the World is Money?

Note: This site is also available in French and Spanish.

Ride a time machine back several centuries to invest everything you have for
a chance at phenomenal wealth! All you have at the beginning of the game are
chocolate candy, a gold pendant, a few coins, a paper monetary note, and
some song lyrics scribbled onto a napkin. Invest them wisely, and you will
learn about the history of money, what forms it took at various times in
various countries, and how it developed into what we use today. Will your
pocket full of miscellany really increase in value over time? Play this game
to find out! At the end of the game, you will also get a brief explanation
of what the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is, what its role is in
international monetary exchange, and what it means to you when you travel to
a different country.

When you have finished this game, you might like to try all of the other
games available from the main site. (Scroll down the page a little
to find them.)

One of these games is called “Trading Around the World” – Decide which
country you are from and trade with people from different countries. Try
your hand at bartering and negotiating prices. Try to achieve various goals
such as becoming very rich or acquiring an assortment of goods. You should
come away from this game with an understanding of the work of the IMF with
regard to trade barriers.

Other games include “Monetary Mania” and “The IMF in Action,” as well as an
informative video. Each game or activity includes the recommended grade
range and a description.

You’ll also find Lesson Plans and Online Exhibitions. Everything on this
website also comes with a Teacher Guide!


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