An Egg Curriculum!

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An Egg Curriculum!

Here’s an “Egg Curriculum” that your family can enjoy throughout the Easter and Spring break! It includes websites about eggs that we’ve featured over the past 7 years that cover Art, Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Sciences — including a site where you can watch a virtual chicken egg hatch!

Have fun learning by visiting these egg-ceptional sites! :)

The American Egg Board

You won’t believe the variety of egg decorating ideas and instructions here!
In addition to basic egg decorating tips, you’ll find instructions on how to naturally dye eggs, how to use pasta, beans and other kitchen materials to decorate eggs, how to use rubber bands, homemade stencils, leaves, braid, rickrack, buttons and more! You’ll also find answers to every question you’ve ever had about preserving and storing decorated eggs. When you’re through there, use the menu on the left and click on these items:

  • Easter/Passover/Spring – Read some fun facts about springtime traditions in
    cultures throughout the world.
  • Fascinating Egg Facts – Browse the menu of questions and answers online or
    follow directions to print out the material to use at your leisure at home.
    Get a biblical and scientific explanation of an old puzzle, “Which came
    first, the chicken or the egg?” Explore the shape of eggs, learn how to
    “grade” eggs, and find out if you can really fry an egg on a hot sidewalk in
    the summertime.
  • High School: Fly Eggs To The Moon – Learn about the eggs and aerospace
    rocket challenge contest for high school students. Contest entry deadline is
    April 8th!


The Incredible Journey From Hen To Home

Cover every subject in 7 lessons designed for educators. Do the lessons online or print them out in pdf to use offline.

Bonus Site: The Incredible, Edible Egg

For students in Pre-K through high school and beyond, this site offers all
kinds of links to websites with egg-themed curriculum, lesson plans, and
online games.




The egg has interesting mathematical properties that are explored at this
site designed for students in junior high and up. Explore the symmetry of
eggs, dividing eggs equally, spherical geometry, and embryo calculus to
determine how many cells are in a chick, and more. When you get to the site
just click on the module that interests you on the menu, and a new page
opens with lesson plan and activities.

Math Egg Drop Game

This shockwave game is designed to help you practice math skills. From
elementary addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to integers,
fractions, decimals, and more. You must solve a series of math problems
within a specific timeframe by steering a falling egg onto the correct
answer target using the arrows on your keypad. You need to focus and be
quick to beat the game!


EGG SCIENCE — All of the following sites will enhance your science

San Diego Zoo: Egg-speriments

The San Diego Zoo has a resident scientist who offers some fun facts about
eggs and some egg-citing science activities with hard boiled and raw eggs

  • What’s the Strongest? — Test the strength of eggs!
  • Make an Egg Float — Find out what salt water can do to help.
  • Spin Your Eggs — And discover which egg is raw and which is hard-boiled!
  • The Egg-in-a-Bottle Trick — Find out how to get a whole, intact,
    hard-boiled egg into a narrow-necked bottle!

Spinning Hard-Boiled Egg Water Sprinkler

Science Frontiers website explains how to make hard boiled eggs act like
water sprinklers – has something to do with gravity and centrifugal force.

Make Soft-Shelled Eggs

This eggs-citing experiment uses a little vinegar and a hard-boiled egg to
get some amazing results!

Science Junction: Egg-Cellent Adventures

An egg is a very big cell. This website offers experiments such as:

  • The Biochemistry of the Egg Shell
  • Diffusion and Osmosis in Animal Cells
  • The Flying Pizza Pan Egg Drop!

4-H Virtual Farm: Virtual Hatch Project!

4-H offers the opportunity to learn about embryology by watching virtual
embryonic development and incubation of a chicken egg. When you are through
learning all about the embryology of chicken eggs � you can see a virtual
chicken egg hatch by going to: Wait a few minutes
for the program to load and then follow the directions to watch the chicken
emerge from the egg. Very eggs-citing!



History of White House Easter Egg Roll!

Learn all about the traditional Easter Egg Roll that takes place every year
at The White House. Click on “Learn More” on this page to find out how the
tradition began. Then, take a fun quiz to see what you’ve learned.

I’m certain you will get an “eggceptional” score! :)



Not all of the following online children’s stories are about eggs, but
rather, the legendary egg delivery guy — the bunny. The best of the bunch
is the last story. :)

The Easter Egg Hunt

The Adventurous Bunny & Easter Island

The Tale of Peter Rabbit By Beatrix Potter

Happy Spring and Happy Easter!


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