The Tudors & Henry VIII

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Recommended Website:

Brims: The Tudors – Henry VIII

Note on age range: Although this website is primarily for students age 7-10, aspects are interesting for older students and adults as

ClickSchooling list member Kari recommended today’s website that offers a
simplified history of The Tudors and Henry the VIII. It is intended to be
amusing to attract children’s interest.

When you get to the site you will see a welcome message and a picture menu
below it. (Notice the warning about the pictures on the “Wives” page.) Click
on a topic of interest such as:

  • Who were the Tudors? — Learn about the Tudor family who ruled England from
    1485-1603. Discover Tudor inventions. Find out what was happening in other
    parts of the world during Tudor times. Compare the stark differences in the
    lives of the rich and poor in Tudor-ruled England. Find fascinating trivia
    facts — stuff ordinary books don’t tell you.
  • What Was Henry Like? — Explore an outline of his life that includes
    descriptions of the king as a handsome athlete, musician, and scholar who
    was also terribly cruel.
  • Why Did He Have Six Wives? — King Henry VIII had six wives. He beheaded
    two of them. While this site was designed for kids, this section should be
    PREVIEWED BY PARENTS to determine suitability of content. If you roll your
    cursor over the photos of his wives, the animation changes to show their
    fate. Sensitivities vary among people. Some may find it gory — so, check it
    out BEFORE you show it to the children. If it passes your criteria, you can
    read a brief biography of all 6 wives and see their pictures.

Once you have explored the site — try the quiz! (It provides clues that
help you determine the correct answers.) Don’t forget to click on “More
Info” to find some information on Roman Numerals, book recommendations and
links to other history websites.


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