The Power to Control Air Pollution Is in Your Hands!

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Recommended Website:

Smog City

Note on age range: This website is accessible for all ages, but more interesting for older
children and adults.

Since Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” about global warming just
won an Oscar for best documentary film, I thought this website was relevant.
Travel to a fictional metropolis where you are in charge of the smog; your
decisions will determine the air quality in this virtual city. These are the
variables affecting the smog level that you can manipulate:

  • Weather Conditions: Temperature, Wind Speed, Cloud Cover, and Inversion
  • Population Level
  • Emissions Levels: How much pollution is coming from cars and trucks, off
    road vehicles, industry, and consumer products.

After setting all of the variables, you can click “start” to run the
simulation for one day and see whether the air remains healthy. Will you
create a citywide smog crisis or will you find and control the ozone-forming
emission sources and help the citizens breathe clean air?

Out of ideas to try? Check out the “What You’ll Learn” section for four
suggested simulations you can run. After those, you can probably think of
several more!

Be sure to visit the other pages on this site, where you can learn more
about the ozone, the air quality index, and some ways to contribute towards
cleaner air. And in “Smog City Science” you can get some idea of the very
complicated science behind the making of this simulation.

Can’t get enough? Click “Download” and this simulation will immediately
begin downloading onto your computer so that you can play it any time
without being connected to the internet.


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