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Recommended Website:
That Quiz

This website has everything from simple addition on up to calculus; younger children may need help navigating it.

If you are interested in no-frills online math practice, this website is for
you. It will generate endless math problems for you to try, and instantly
tell you whether your answer is correct. It will keep track of your score,
and give that score to you as a percentage after you finish the set of
questions. What you will not find here are cute cartoon characters, cool
sound effects, advertisements, bright colors, animation, or anything flashy.
You might find it helpful to keep some scratch paper and a pencil handy;
write down the problems that you miss so that you can figure out what you
did wrong.

This website is also available in Spanish. Just click the icon in the upper
right corner!

There is a teacher registration (free!) and login option, and students can
log in to see what work their teacher has assigned them, but this is a help
for classroom teachers with multiple students and scores to keep track of;
individual students don’t need to register, and most homeschool parents/kids
won’t need to either; everything on this site is accessible without

There really is something at every level here; a whole decade’s worth of
randomly-generated math practice problems on one deceptively simple-looking
website. For each activity, be sure to look in the left-hand column to
select the parameters you’d like to apply. For example, for calculus, you
can choose to practice integrals or derivatives. For fractions, you can
identify the given fraction from the visual representation, or fill in the
number of rectangles to represent the given fraction, and you can also
select the level of difficulty. You can choose to practice only ten
problems, or as many as a hundred.

Note: With some of the activities, a message appears stating that you might
need to download an updated browser; however, if your browser is already up
to date, the message goes away when the activity has finished loading, and
the activity works just fine.


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