Songwriting for Kids

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Tami Mulcahy’s Songwriting for Kids

Tami Mulcahy is a Northern California songwriter who started quite young;
now she is back in the community as an example to inspire, encourage, and
assist other children who want to get started with writing songs of their
own. Her CD’s can be purchased from this site, or she can be invited to
visit your group of students, but some of the light rock songs that she
wrote in collaboration with classes at Santa Rita School are freely
available here in their entirety.

To read the lyrics that the children wrote and listen to the audio, click on
“got music!” As you click on each title, you get to preview the lyrics
first, which is a nice feature. Also, a “modem” version of each song is
available for those who don’t have a high-speed internet connection. These
songs are quite impressive!

  • “Welcome to the World,” co-written with second graders, Santa Rita School.
  • “Give Some Back,” co-written with 80 third graders, Santa Rita School.
  • “When I Grow Up,” a tribute to 9-11 and the Olympics, co-written with 5th
    graders, Santa Rita School.

There are several others, including three more written by students between
the 2nd and 5th grades.

After listening to these songs, you may be inspired to write something of
your own. You can find advice to help you do just that in the section,
“start writing.” These tips apply to many types of songs, not just rock.


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