Songs for Children from Around the World!

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Recommended Website:

Mamalisa’s World

This website features the largest collection of lyrics to children’s songs,
nursery rhymes, and poems popular in countries all around the world. The
songs are in a variety of languages, with English and French translations.
Many songs include MP3, Real Audio, or Midi files for your listening
enjoyment. Make sure your speakers are on. :)

When you get to the site you will see a menu at the top of the screen that
you can use to navigate the site. Below it are pictures of continents that
you can also use to find songs of interest. Click on any continent, and a
new page opens with a list of countries located on that continent. Click on
a country to find a menu of songs and poems. Click on a song. A new page
opens with the lyrics to that song, and a link to an audio file. Hint:
Right-click on the audio file (MP3) link and select “open in new window”
from the drop-down list — that way, you can continue to see the lyrics
while you listen to the tune. Be sure to close the audio file window when
you are ready to listen to another song!

About 95 countries are represented here. To see the complete list of
countries in alphabetical order, just click the U.N. logo in the upper right
corner or select “Countries A to Z” at the bottom of the page.

Can you think of a country not represented? Do you know a traditional song
or poem from that country (or any other) that isn’t on this site? You are
welcome to send it in; as Mamalisa says, you don’t have to be a good singer
to get your contribution included!

There is also a blog that mainly focuses on various world languages and
cultures, a section on reviews of recommended children’s literature, and a
list of great links for further exploration.

Bookmark this site, you’ll want to return often. :)


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