President’s Day Math Activities & More!

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Recommended Websites:

Eduplace: President’s Day Activities

Eduplace offers an incredible array of free activities for grades K-8 divided into subject areas such as Mathematics, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

You’ll find printable money math games that have students match coins and bills to U.S. Presidents along with graphing and polling activities. Your student can also try to figure out how much the President makes per hour.

But that’s not all! There are all kinds of interesting lessons divided by grade range in which students can learn about the lives of the presidents, the powers granted to them by the U.S. Constitution, their best-known quotations and speeches, and even learn their nicknames.

Find out what the symbols on the Presidential Seal mean. Take a virtual tour of the White House. Get printable and/or interactive wordsearch games, crossword puzzles, hangman, and coloring pages. It’s all here!

BONUS! In this month’s Carschooling E-zine I featured a number of websites with info and printables themed around Presidents’ Day. Here are some of them…

Get the biographies of all of the U.S. Presidents – or try a friendlier kid-version.


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