Fun, Interactive Math Facts Games

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Recommended Website:
Math at Play Kids Games

At this website, you’ll find a variety of fun, interactive games designed to
help kids learn and practice their math skills.
When you get to the site you’ll see a menu of games that include:

  • Math Shuttle Launch — You choose whether to work on addition, subtraction,
    multiplication, division, or a random assortment of them all. You also get
    to choose your level: Easy, Medium, or Hard. Every time you answer a math
    question correctly, you get to watch your rocketship launch successfully and
    reach the moon. :)
  • Save the Math Apples: Answer the math questions correctly and the monkey
    can get the apples safely across the river. One misstep, though, and the
    hungry crocodile gets a snack!
  • Seahorse Counting: Count the seahorses and click on the correct
    corresponding number. Great for young children learning to recognize their
  • Robot Calculator: Type in the correct answers to the math questions that
    appear on the calculator screen to make your robot very happy.
  • Math Pinball: Shoot the ball and hit it with the paddles; watch it bounce
    all around inside the pinball machine. Each time the pinball successfully
    ricochets off of the components of a math question, you need to answer it
    correctly before you can continue the game. Complete with sound effects.
  • Math Tunnel Blaster: Shoot the correct answers to make your way through the
    walls and through the tunnel.
  • Calculator Quizzer: The questions appear vertically (in the Robot
    Calculator they appear horizontally).

But that’s not all! There are other subjects also available at this site.
Just click on the house icon at the top left corner of your screen to access
them! And in the “new” section, you can download a free math drills
adventure game to play on your home computer. (Note: This particular game
might be scary for some younger children; parents should preview the game to
determine suitability).


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