Creative Writing with Comics!

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Recommended Website:

Make Beliefs Comix

Note on age range: Non-readers will need some assistance.

It’s easy, fun, and educational to create your own comic strips! This
website, launched by author and journalist Bill Zimmerman, offers a perfect
demonstration that playing is learning. Visitors who use this interactive
comic strip “game” will simultaneously practice and improve their language
arts skills including, reading, writing, spelling, and creative thinking.
Young and old, and everyone in between, will enjoy arranging these cartoon
characters and putting words into their mouths.

When you reach this site, select which of the 10 animal and human cartoon
characters you wish to position in your comic strip. Then decide what mood
you would like them to have in each frame. Your comic characters can be
happy, sad, angry, or worried. Using the tools provided, you can also decide
which direction they face, which character is in the foreground, and how
large or small each one is. If you like, you can make your comic strip 2 or
4 panels instead of 3 by clicking the appropriate number of boxes under
“panel choices.” You can also change the background color.

But here’s the best part: you get to decide what to write in the word or
thought balloons that accompany your comics. It’s amazing what children can
write when it’s this much fun!

“More Story Ideas” has quite a few story starters, including Travel to a
Mysterious Place, A Day at School, Finding Your Courage, and many more!

After you have created your comics, you can print them out. Assemble them
into a book, display them on your wall, or use them to create your own
greeting cards. You can even email them to a friend and to yourself. And
don’t forget to send a copy to Grandma.

Zimmerman says, “I know that creating comic strips can help people tap into
their creativity and practice their language and storytelling skills.” Visit
this website and see for yourself! :)


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