Thwarting World Supremacy Through Mathematics!

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Recommended Website:

Maryland Public TV’s
Villainy Inc.

Note regarding age range: Although this site is recommended for ages 10 to 14, younger students may find the game motivational and fun, if there is someone nearby to explain how to do the

When you get to this website you’ll see the evil villain, Dr. Wick. who is
plotting to take over the world. You are a secret agent and your assignment
is to foil his plan by using your math skills in each of two missions. (Turn
on your speakers to hear the villainous conspiracy as it unfolds; captions
also appear at the bottom of the screen.)

Before embarking on the interactive missions, you must read the biographies
of five secret agents and select two to accompany you. You might have to
rely on them for hints from time to time, so choose carefully. :)

Here are just a few of the things you will practice:

  • Figure out what you will need to do in order to solve a problem
  • Use a calculator to multiply and divide large numbers
  • Figure out the area of a rectangle
  • Basic operations of fractions, decimals, and percents (add, subtract,
    multiply, divide)
  • Round to the nearest whole number
  • Find the mean of a few numbers
  • Label a graph, plot points, and interpret the graph

Fortunately, you can get cryptic hints along the way, and most of the time
you can redo each problem as many times as it takes to get the correct

For a complete list of the skills covered, complete text of the script, a
vocabulary list, supplementary worksheets, and even a teacher’s manual, see
the section for teachers.

And for even more helpful tips you can use at home, see the section for

Enjoy! :)


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