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Recommended Website:

EcoKids – The Environmental Education Program of Earth Day Canada

This site originates in Canada, but children all over the world have been playing the terrific games, participating in the online forum, and using the printables, teacher helps, and other educational resources to enjoy learning about ecology.

This site can be navigated with the horizontal menu across the top of the screen, or by clicking on different items in the illustration of the clubhouse on the home page. You’ll find:

  • Play and Learn — This is where most kids will want to spend the bulk of their time. Here you will find printables: coloring pages, word searches, instructions for tree planting and making a toad house, and games to take with you on your next nature walk. You will also find interactive stories, where you make choices that partially determine the fate of an endangered species. Learn something new about wildlife, science, nature, the environment, or energy from the collection of over 1000 pages of attractively-presented and well-organized science facts. (Most of these topics are actually fun learning games!) Send in some artwork or poetry for the world to see. Print out an eco-calendar to post on your wall, so you can learn new facts all year. Plus recommended books, links, and much, much more!

Bonus: If you live in Canada, these two sections are just for you:

  • EcoKids Club: Canadian teachers and students, sign up for free membership in the EcoKids club! Periodic free ecology kits will be sent to your school.
  • EcoKids Challenge: Canadians can also compete in an annual competition: get as many other kids involved as possible in some activity that benefits the environment (the kids can be recruited from your school or any other extra-curricular club or youth group in Canada). The entry form and complete details are here. The deadline for this is May 17, so you will want to get started as soon as you can!

Enjoy! :)


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