BAM! (Body And Mind)

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BAM! (Body and Mind)

In order to stay healthy, we really need to make sure to get enough
exercise. Most kids these days aren’t active enough. Here’s an innovative
website from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, part of the US
Department of Health and Human Services.

Here’s what you will find:

  • Activity Calendar: Select activities you’d like to do, and schedule them
    into your week. This handy calendar is printable, so you can check off each
    activity as it is completed.
  • Activity Cards: here you can learn the rules for many different sports.
    Which one would you like to learn next?
  • “I Heard” Hurdle Race: Answer all of the questions correctly, and your
    athlete will clear all the hurdles. If you miss any, you can go back and try
    for a better result. This game is short, so it won’t make you lose sight of
    the goal, which is to actually go out and get moving. :)
  • Meeting the Challenge: Read about successful athletes who have overcome
    major challenges (disabilities)
  • Go For Activities You Like to Do: Take a short profile quiz to get some
    recommendations for sports you might like to try :)


  • Get some advice from the Xperts on how to stay physically active
  • Braggin’ Rights: Read success stories from other kids like yourself. You
    can also post your own, and see if it is selected to appear on the site.

When you have finished determining what sport or other activity would suit
you best, learning how to do it, and scheduling it into your week, don’t be
afraid to turn the computer off and start moving! Your body will thank you.

When you get back, you might like to check out the other health-related
sections of this site: Diseases, Food and Nutrition, Your Safety, Your Life,
and Your Body.

Enjoy! :)


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